Gas Fires and portaable heating.

Gas Fires

Over the last 10 years the introduction of decorative Gas Log Flame Fires has been the largest growing category in Australia. Flexible in their application, Gas Log Flame Fires are installed as a replacement for older space heaters as well as new features in renovations as well as new homes.

Powerful heaters in their own right, Rinnai Gas Log Flame Fires are stylish while adding ambience to any room, as well as the added benefit of no mess! Rinnai have a comprehensive range of fires including:

Variety of styles, colours and flexible flueing options
Freestanding & inbuilt options
False fireplace options (including Zero Clearance kits)
The Constellation model that is purely a decorative open gas fire
The Luminaire outdoor gas flame fire

 Gas Fire Promotion
The Symmetry Gas Log Fire Royale Freestanding ETR Flame Fire Slimfire 25 Flame Fire


Portable Heaters

Rinnai's provides a wide range of portable gas heaters - from the simple and robust Radiant's, to the super-economical and technologically advanced Convectors. There is a Rinnai portable heater to suit any portable heating requirement.

Avenger 25 Convector Granada 252 Radiant Convector


Air HQ are a specialist dealer for the Rinnai heating. Portable gas heaters start from $649. Full range available upon request. Please call for more information.

Portable Heaters Servicing

Air HQ are qualified to service all makes of portable heaters. Prices start from $120. Please bring your heater in to our Winton Road shop for a 2 day turnaround.