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Reverse Cycle Ducted Refrigeration Systems

Ducted refrigeration provides heating and cooling throughout the home and works equally well in Perth's humid and dry conditions. Hot or cold air is distributed throughout the home via a system of ducts located in the ceiling. Whilst the air conditioning unit is the single most important item in any air conditioning installation, the quality of the overall system will be determined by the design of the associated air distribution system at Air HQ.

We have pleasure in offering you the LG & Mitsubishi plus Fujitsu range of split type ducted systems. This particular range of units is reasonably priced yet superb in features and performance. The efficiency levels of these air conditioners are extremely high, meaning more air conditioning for lower running costs. Their noise levels inside and out are very low, comparable to any other system. We consider these to be the best air conditioners available today.

The size of the home requiring cooling or heating is reduced by zoning. This is offered to reduce the size of the air conditioning unit by air conditioning different parts of the home at different times. This means a smaller machine is required, cutting the initial purchase price and reducing the ongoing running costs.

A small home would cost from $5,500 installed. A typical 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home from $8,000 – $12,000 for a standard installation within the Perth WA metro area.

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Why choose a Diakin Specialist Dealer?

Air HQ are specialists, they know the up and downs, ins and out of air conditioning. So, our expertise ensures you get the right advice for your needs. As a Diakin Specialist Dealer we provide custom designed solutions for your home through an in-home quotation. We not only supply and install the best possible air conditioning solution but will also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure peak efficient performance over the life of the system. Top take the stress out of air conditioning your home speak to Air HQ. We are ready to help you fit the right air-conditioning solution for your home. Contact Us today.

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